Chelsea Flood - Education Coordinator
Chelsea Flood serves as the Education Coordinator and Meal Specialist at Hearts With A Mission.

Why do you feel called to serve at H.W.A.M.?
Life passes by so quickly. We spend so much of our time working. I have always wanted to spend that time in a meaningful way. I studied to become a teacher so I could impact kids' lives. I used to think I wanted to work with the elementary age until I experienced otherwise. In summer of 2012, I was able to serve at Wilderness Trails, a christian camp for at-risk teens. I found that I was right at home with them. I shared my testimony for the first time My story was relatable and I was finally able to use my hurt for good. I saw the meaning of Romans 8:28 come alive in my life. God has truly worked "all things for good". I want to share this hope I have found with them.

What is your role at the H.W.A.M.?
My official titles is a Life Coach but I wear many hats. I also assist with our meals program as well. This involves coordinating with all of our meal volunteers to create a monthly calendar and do as much as I can to have all of our dinners covered by volunteers so that the Life Coaches are freed up to supervise and spend much needed tie with the youth. The Life Coach role encompasses so many areas of the youth's stay at Hearts With A Mission. We walk alongside of them and help point them in the right direction. We respond to crisis in their lives and in the house. We support, encourage and love on the kids. I am also the Activities Coordinator. This means I connect with volunteers and organizations in our community to see what's available for the youth. I put together a monthly calendar of activities that are not only fun, but purposeful in their intent. I have really enjoyed seeing youth be able to participate in healthy hobbies and learn that life can be fun. We purpose our activities are the five C's of Positive Youth Development: Competence-intellectual ability and social behavioral skil; Connection-positive bonds with people and institutions; Charactor-integrity and moral centeredness; Confidence-positive self-regard, a sense of self-efficacy and courage; Caring/Compassion-humane values, empathy, and a sense of social justice. The hope is to give our youth new experiences and help them to develop into well-rounded young adults.

What are your favorite things about working at H.W.A.M.?
My favorite thing about Hearts With A Mission is the privilege I get to love on the kids in their most vulnerable moments. They come to us with their deepest wounds and bleeding hearts, then trust us to guide them. I get to be a part of the soluntion for their lives. I look forward to spending time with the kids and getting to know them. I think I get to teach them, but they also teach me about life.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
I enjoy working out, running, reading and spending time with my new husband. He is a musician, so I get some upfront seats to live worship in my home.

What is one funny thing about yourself?
I have always loved hearts since I can remember. I would collect heart-shaped rocks with my Dad when I was a little girl (I still have them all). Now being at H.W.A.M. it's quite fitting. The kids collect heart-shaped rocks for me and all my friends and family can't take a trip to the store without seeing "hearts". I often get texts of just pictures of random hearts. Some people say I'm stretching it when I see a hidden heart in  something, but I promise it's there! You just have to look closely.

Hometown: Trail, Oregon
Studied at Southern Oregon University, B.S. in Elementary Education

To Contact Chelsea:

PH: 541-646-7385
Email: [email protected]