Counseling FAQ's

Questions and Answers for Parents & Teens in Crisis:

Q:  Are counseling services available to anyone?
A:  Yes, individual and family counseling is available to youth staying at the shelter (free of charge) or for individuals and families in the community (on a sliding fee scale basis).  Counseling services to the community are by appointment and per program availability.
Q:  Are there any aftercare counseling services available? 
A:  Once a youth has exited the shelter, counseling services are available for free for up to 30 days. 
Q:  What happens after the 30-day aftercare period?
A:  Youth and/or their family may continue counseling services after 30-days utilizing the Sliding Fee Scale that looks at both family size and income.
Q:  Does HWAM accept OHP or insurance for counseling services?
A:  At this time HWAM is unable to accept OHP or private insurance, however we hope to be able to in the future. 
Q:  What are some things youth talk to counselors about?
A:  Youth can talk to counselors about anything--this includes anger issues, relationships and friendships, issues with parents, school issues, drugs and alcohol, self-harm or suicidal thoughts, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, feelings of depression, fear, anxiety, etc.
Q:  How can counseling help me?
A:  Counselors are trained to listen to and understand youth in their current situation.  Help is provided through listening, providing empathy, support, and education.
Q:  What are some topics that parents talk to counselors about? 
A:  Parents often seek help because of conflict within the family.  Often topics include: difficulty communicating with their child/teen; creating structure in the home; feelings of mistrust; etc.  Families also seek services when dealing with significant life changes such as divorce, blended family concerns, grief and loss, etc. 
Q:  Is counseling confidential?
A:  Yes, everything that is said in counseling is kept confidential with the exception of what counselors are mandated by law to report.  For example, counselors are mandated to report child abuse and neglect, persons who are in imminent danger of harming themselves/others, elder abuse, and animal abuse.  Your counselor can give you more information (and answer any questions you have) regarding confidentiality before you begin services.

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