Dannie Aranda - Shelter Coordinator
Dannie Aranda serves as the Shelter Coordinator at Hearts With A Mission.

Why do you feel called to serve at H.W.A.M.?
Throughout the years of working with kids, I've especially loved working with teens. After the non-profit I had been with for four years was sadly forced to shut down, I feared ending up in a place where I wouldn't make the impact I had experienced before.  After finding H.W.A.M., I feel so glad to know that I'm a part of such a good, loving place with intentions to help struggling teens become successful and happy. Every kid deserves a good home, people who really truly care about them and a chance at a great future.

What is your role at the H.W.A.M.?
I am now the Shelter Coordinator in Medford. To me, my job is to be the most fun, positive person I can be for these kids who really need fun, positive people in their lives.  I believe it's important that we make goals every day so that we grow as human beings. I love being a part of this at H.W.A.M., being able to see achievement and show the kids that anything is possible if they make a plan and work towards the things they find important in life.

What are your favorite things about working at H.W.A.M.?
My favorite thing about H.W.A.M. would have to be building relationships with the youth. It's not only about supervising and making sure the kids are on track doing the right thing, but also being a friend and positive adult to each of them. I love coming on my shift excited to find out the latest news on how everyone has been, how school is going and what's for dinner :)

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Lately, I haven't had much free time. But the not-so-busy version of myself loves to ride bikes anywhere, take pictures, roller-skate, read blogs, and shop at Target.

What is one funny thing about yourself?
I love 80's music and I'm a professional moon-walker.

Hometown: White City, Oregon

To Contact Dannie:

PH: 541-646-7385
Email: [email protected]