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Volunteer Opportunities

Welcome and thank you so much for your interest in volunteering with Hearts With A Mission!
Hearts With A Mission's goal and purpose is to serve youth in our community by providing temporary emergency shelter, furthering education, providing guidance and support and promoting charitable activities through a faith-based approach. Our faith-based approach is providing opportunities to put our faith into action.

It takes multiple moving parts to achieve the service, love and stability that young people need in everyday life. Volunteers play a huge role in developing these qualitites by various means. Some of the practical needs and/or opportunities for volunteers include:
  • Tutoring, Life Skill Training, and Educational Support
  • Cleaning and Organizing
  • Phone and Door Support
  • Mentoring
  • Meals
  • Special Projects & Activities

Tutoring, Life Skill Training & Educational Support

There are three different categories to choose from, all involving furthering the knowledge and life skills of the teens.

Weekly or Monthly Tutoring: Sign up for a 1 hour block per week or month, from 4-5pm and be available to answer questions or assist the youth with their daily homework.

On Call Tutoring: Coordinate with the Education Coordinator for a time when you can align your expertise with the youth’s specific needs ie: Math, Science, Spanish, etc.
Life Skills: A very broad category as there are many life skills to learn. The goal is to create positive outlets or alternatives to  negative behavior by exposing the youth to hobbies or  activities that they may use  everyday. For example: change the oil in a car, cooking, jewelry making, music lessons,  exercise and nutrition, etc.

Cleaning & Organizing

Cleaning and Organizing are essential in creating the “Home” environment. Some of these tasks include structured chore lists, cleaning of rooms, kitchen, gardening, painting, and laundry. Organizing clothes, towels, and the food pantry, reducing waste, and maintain efficiency in the home. Perfect for those who want to be involved and rely on flexibility in their schedules.

Phone & Door Support

Sign up for a minimum of an hour from 9-4pm, Monday-Friday to answer phones, greet and screen visitors at the door, take donations, refer and connect callers to our community partners. Smaller duties may include light office management or cleaning, ie: helping the staff put intake packets together, folding laundry etc.


Our hope and goal is for each of the youth to be engaged in authentic relationships as well as positive support inside and outside of the walls of Hearts with a Mission. An opportunity to create this is through youth mentoring. HWAM has partnered with Rogue Valley Youth for Christ’s “Help a Teen Succeed” (HATS) mentoring program directed by Clem O’Hara. The process  involves an application, interview and matching mentee to mentor. You can    specifically request to mentor an HWAM youth.


Hearts with a Mission uses “Meal Time” to  provide structure. One of the ways  volunteers can assist in the process is to provide a meal once a month. That meal can either be cooked at home, or prepared at the Shelter using the resources in the Food Pantry. Weekends meals are also available. You can sign up weekly or monthly to provide a specific grocery or household staple such as fruit, milk, eggs, garbage bags, or even laundry detergent.

Special Projects & Activities

Encompasses a variety of volunteer opportunities. Seasonal volunteers help with our annual fundraiser, or Christmas planning such as gift wrapping, food drives, and community activities. Special Project Volunteers may also help with constructing a work party, or providing  special services to the youth for example, providing hair cuts or teach a life skill like sewing. Coordinating an event or youth activities is another option. This could include pizza parties, bowling, prom, camping, crafts or sports and games at the park.