Landwyn Hall-Ritchie- Life Coach
Landwyn Hall-Ritchie serves as a Life Coach at Hearts With A Mission.

Why do you feel called to serve at H.W.A.M.?
I had somewhat of a troubled youth which helps me relate to the kids and see through some of the walls they have built up. I feel drawn toward helping them and lifting them up in any way possible.

What is your role at the H.W.A.M.?
I am a Life Coach which to me means that I am there to be a consistent, loving, and supportive figure in the kid’s lives. I want to help them develop the skills necessary to grow and heal while acting as a role model throughout this process. I try to help them learn to believe in themselves again and to give them hope.

What are your favorite things about working at H.W.A.M.?
I love coming in to see the kids and hear how they have been. Although seeing suffering is never a good thing, I have seen a hurting kid get love and support from not only other staff but from other youth as well which is really amazing to see.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Most of all I love spending time with my daughter Hailey. I also love to hike, swim, garden, and play with my dogs and cat.

What is one funny thing about yourself?
One of my more quirky characteristics is that I talk out loud to ALL animals I see…no I don’t expect them to talk back. I also have huge variety of silly voices and faces that I use at home.

Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona
Studied at Southern Oregon University, B.S. in Human Services

To Contact Landwyn:

PH: 541-646-7385
Cell: 541-690-4994
Email: [email protected]