Lisa Papa - Education Coordinator
Lisa Papa serves as the youth Education Coordinator at Hearts With A Mission in Medford.

Why do you feel called to serve at H.W.A.M.?
I have loved kids and I have loved volunteering and serving people from a fairly young age. It wasn’t until college that I realized I might actually like working with older youth. I did some practicum work at another non-profit home for teens, and I’ve loved it since then. Living my life to help others improve theirs is more than a career, it’s a passion. I started studying the bible and going to church the summer of 2011. From my experiences at church, home, and in school I realized that helping people was my strong suite. My job here at H.W.A.M. practically fell into my lap and I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity to work here, help youth and grow as an individual.

What is your role at the H.W.A.M.?
My official role at Education Coordinator. However, I’d like to ultimately be a resource to youth. I am here to offer guidance, help with issues in and outside of school, and to simply be someone to listen to them. I’d like to be a positive role model and support in their lives, teach them life skills, and just have fun with them. I want to see them accomplish their goals, reinforce their strengths and build their confidence.

What are your favorite things about working at H.W.A.M.?
My favorite thing about coming to work is not knowing what to expect. Every day is a new chance to learn something. I’m excited to get the opportunity to grow and develop my skills, and I get to do it while having a lot of fun with the youth and the staff. It’s awesome coming to work, getting to know the youth, their struggles and their dreams and the chance to make a difference in their lives. Staff are always fun and supportive. It’s a really good work environment, no matter the amount of chaos!

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
My favorite things to do with my free time are visiting friends and family. I also love photography, I like to read, I like being outdoors, hiking, running, basketball, traveling and going new places.

What is one funny thing about yourself?
I’ve been told that I have some pretty interesting facial expressions when reacting to what people say.

Hometown: Cave Junction, Oregon
Studied at Southern Oregon University, B.S. in Human Services
& Studied at USC, Masters in Social Work

To Contact Lisa:

PH: 541-646-7385
Email: [email protected]