Paul Gladman - Life Coach
Paul Gladman serves as a  Life Coach at Hearts With A Mission.

Why do you feel called to serve at H.W.A.M.?
As a young sixteen year old boy in high school, I experienced a lot of trials and frustrations throughout my youth. Between my family, school, and trying to figure life out I was pretty stressed and frustrated. Until the day a young twenty-two year old Youth Pastor came along side me and simply invested time in me. The time he spent investing in me was invaluable in high school and that relationship still continues to this day.  I feel God has given me that experience to encourage me to give someone else that same invaluable experience.  At the crucial ages of growing up having someone who simply just wants to be there for you is such a huge blessing. I wanted to work at HWAM to provide that same relationship to kids going through much of the same struggles I did.

What is your role at the H.W.A.M.?
I am a Life Coach at H.W.A.M. As a person individually, I am extremely outgoing, social, and love to just have fun; I encourage people around me who are having downer days to find the positives of the day and focus on those, rather than allow the hardships to conquer our overall attitude. I consider myself a friendly person and truly enjoy using the social gift God has given me to reach as many people as I can. I have been blessed to have so many people I can count on and hope and pray I can be that for youth in my life.

What are your favorite things about working at H.W.A.M.?
I love getting to help the kids get ready for school and send them off. I am often the first person they see when they wake up and sometimes the simple conversations in the morning about school and life determine their mood for the day. I look forward to hearing about kids overcoming challenges and growing as individuals, as well as sharing my own experiences with them.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Anything with people and friends I am there! Hiking and running have been my pastimes as of late but I enjoy a wide variety of activities.

What is one funny thing about yourself?
I talk, not only a lot, but extremely fast. My nickname as a child was "motor-mouth" and to this day my friends swear I should be an auctioneer. My best friend of 12 years has always said he will need to translate for me the rest of my life. Thankfully my friends just get used to it after hearing it enough.

Hometown: Medford, Oregon

To Contact Paul:

PH: 541-646-7385
Email: [email protected]