Safe Families for Children

what if we could do more?

What if...
  • we could stop child abuse before it starts?
  • it wasn't a shameful experience for at-risk families to ask for help?
  • single moms were connected to support instead of socially isolated?
  • local government, non-profits, and churches worked together to help families in crisis?
  • a family's safety net was their neighbors instead of the government?
  • you didn't have to 'qualify' to be cared for?
  • children and teens could be protected during times of crisis without being permanently separated from their parents?
"We Just Moved An 18-Year Old Into A Safe Families For Children Host Home Who Never Had Her Own Bedroom And Came To Us With A Garbage Bag Of Clothes." Heather S.

Becoming a Safe Families for Children Volunteer

Becoming a Safe Families for Children Volunteer is easy and rewarding.

As a Host Family, caring for a child in your home, or a Family Friend, standing alongside a family offering wisdom and guidance or providing essential support through material goods, you will impact your community for good and potentially help a family chart a course to sustained health and success.

To get started today, please complete the online interest form by clicking on this linkYou will be taken to safe-families.org to complete.
If you have questions or would like more information before becoming a volunteer,
please contact our Safe Families for Children Coordinator.

Jackson County:
Heather Siewell | C: 541-951-4289 | O: 541-646-7385 | [email protected]

Josephine County:
Stephanie Dubois Polk | C: 541-292-4223 | O: 541-956-4190 | [email protected]

Lincoln County:
Marisa Hayner | C: 541-261-7410 | [email protected]

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Safe Families For Children

Safe Families For Children
is now in Lincoln County!
A family shares their experience
Kevin Lamson, Executive Director of Hearts with a Mission, gives update on the Safe Families for Children Program and the DHS grant to create host families  for youth without a safe living alternative.

We can do more, with the Safe Families for Children Initiative in Southern Oregon

Safe Families for Children is the answer.
  • 94% of children hosted in a Safe Family return home and will never be the subject of an abuse or neglect allegation.
  • Isolation is the most significant contributing factor to child abuse. Through Safe Families for Children, parents step out of isolation and into relationships, reducing the risk of child abuse.
  • Safe Families for Children keeps families together, and research shows that children who grow up in biological families are more likely to:
    • earn a high school diploma and college degree
    • be employed and have health insurance
    • decrease welfare dependency
    • avoid incarceration

safe Families for Children
is now in lincoln county

Safe Families For Children