Youth & Family Counseling

Youth & Family Counseling Services

Counselors at Hearts With A Mission are dedicated to the empowerment, respect, safety and trust of the youth and families we serve. Our counselors provide education, advocacy, support, empathy and clinical intervention. Treatment approaches reinforce the skills and strengths of individual and families and emphasize personal growth, developmental and situational change.

Programs and services are designed to assist youth and families in managing their own lives more effectively while achieving greater satisfaction within themselves, their relationships and their community.

Services Available

  • Assessment and Goal Planning
  • Individual Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Consultation with other professionals (doctors, teachers, juvenile department, treatment providers)
  • Aftercare Services (including counseling if needed)

Counseling Mission Statement

Hearts With A Mission counseling program serves (“homeless, runaway, and transitional youth in crisis and their families” … past and present youths of HWAM and their families) by providing support, psycho-education, and counseling services to both youth and their families.

Core Values:

  1. Faith: We are prayerfully and gratefully living out our faith in Jesus Christ in a culture of trust marked by unconditional and nonjudgemental love, compassion, empathy, and mutual respect.
  2. Hope: We are inspiring hope among youth, their families, and all who are involved in our mission.
  3. Love: We are acting with the love of Christ in all aspects of our mission.
  4. Service: We are providing a family-like environment for youth safety and growth, with a primary focus on family reunification whenever possible. 
  5. Community:  We are offering youth and their families optimal resources and opportunities through strong community relationships and partnerships.

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