Safe Families for Children


"We Just Moved An 18-Year Old Into A Safe Families For Children Host Home Who Never Had Her Own Bedroom And Came To Us With A Garbage Bag Of Clothes." Heather S.

What If We Could Do More?

What if...
We could stop child abuse before it starts?
it wasn't a shameful experience for at-risk families to ask for help?
Local government, non-profits, and churches worked together to help families in crisis?
A family's safety net was their neighbors instead of the government?
You didn't have to 'qualify' to be cared for?
Children and teens could be protected during times of crisis without being permanently separated from their parents?
Single moms were connected to support instead of socially isolated?
94% of children hosted in a Safe Family return home and will never be the subject of an abuse or neglect allegation.
Isolation is the most significant contributing factor to child abuse. Through Safe Families for Children, parents step out of isolation and into relationships, reducing the risk of child abuse.
Safe Families for Children keeps families together, and research shows
that children who grow up in biological families are more likely to:
Earn a high school diploma and college degree
Be employed and have health insurance
Decrease welfare dependency
Avoid incarceration
Jackson County & Josephine County
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Lincoln County:
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