Safe Families for Children

"We Just Moved An 18-Year Old Into A Safe Families For Children Host Home Who Never Had Her Own Bedroom And Came To Us With A Garbage Bag Of Clothes." Heather S.

While retaining custody, parents facing crisis can arrange to have their children stay with a Safe Family while they address the issues that led them to their situation.

Free service
Available to ages 0 -22
Includes pregnant/parenting teens

Volunteer Opportunities
"Circle of Support"

What If We Could Do More?

What if...
We could stop child abuse before it starts?
it wasn't a shameful experience for at-risk families to ask for help?
Local government, non-profits, and churches worked together to help families in crisis?
A family's safety net was their neighbors instead of the government?
You didn't have to 'qualify' to be cared for?
Children and teens could be protected during times of crisis without being permanently separated from their parents?
Single moms were connected to support instead of socially isolated?
Jackson County & Josephine County
heather.s | 541-951-4289 | [email protected]

Lincoln County:
Marisa Hayner | C: 541-261-7410 | [email protected]