Safe Families for Children

We help families get back on their feet and keep families intact.

Safe Families for Children (SFFC) surrounds families facing a crisis
with a caring, compassionate community of volunteers. SFFC is a volunteer-driven, professionally supported framework created to keep children safe and families together.

For more information in your area contact

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Klamath County

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Our goal is to connect struggling families in crisis situations with healthy community members to pull them out of isolation while they stabilize (finding housing, employment, accessing treatment, and achieving personal goals).

How Does SFFC Work?

  • Safe Families is volunteer driven which makes it a free support to parents
  • Volunteers go through extensive background checks and training
  • Parents maintain full custody and can stop services at any time
  • Hostings vary from a few hours to several months
  • Regular visits and contacts are maintained throughout hosting
  • Safe Families goal is to provide the family with a community and resources so that our services are no longer necessary

Safe Families is Community

Some parents need a safe place for their children to stay while they get back on their feet. Other families need external supports. Safe Families can help with both.

What is Safe Families for Children?

Safe Families for Children (SFFC) is a volunteer-driven, professionally supported framework created to keep children Safe and families together.

We do this by bringing the resources and human capital of the faith community to the forefront of the struggles that families in our community are experiencing.  Through Safe Families for Children, families in crisis are provided a circle of support by people whose hearts are to serve and help. Safe Families for Children staff work with the Local Faith community to develop an army of trained and vetted volunteers in our community.

Opportunities to volunteer are varied, including being a Ministry Lead in your church, being a host family, a family coach, a family friend, or a mentor.  Families in crisis experience the kindness and generosity of the community as they connect with others to provide a safe environment, connection, and encouragement to overcome their particular situation. Safe Families services are 100% voluntary and 100% free to families.

Ways to be Involved

Be a Host Family
Voluntarily host children in your home on a temporary basis

Be a Family Friend
Encourage and support host families and families in need

Be a Mommy/Daddy Mentor
Provide support, connection, encouragement, and assistance if you are pregnant or have a child under 2-years old.

Be a Family Coach
Help families in need reach their goals and provide encouragement to host families

Be a Resource Friend
Provide goods and services to families in need

Your financial support keeps children safe and families intact

Pray for families in crisis, volunteers, staff, and the restoration of the family.
Click here for the Safe Families for Children Prayer Guide.

Family in Crisis

Parents in need voluntarily approach SFFC through a self-referral or other referral sources. They can opt to reunify with their children at any time and never lose custody of their children.

Host Family

Host families are recruited on an ongoing basis and undergo an application and screening process (background check, home study, references.)

Family Coach

Throughout the hosting arrangement, Family Coaches offer emotional and tangible support to families in need and host families.

The family coaches work with parents in crisis to develop goals and visit the host families’ homes regularly to offer guidance and support.